Approximation of Inclusive Education in Armenia to International Standards and Practices

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What is inclusion? Who are the beneficiaries of inclusion? And finally, why is there a need for inclusion, if at all? These are the questions that many politicians, field specialists, parents and children, students and professors, and society members wonder about, yet often covertly, and cautious of being mistaken. Inclusiveness is often perceived as a “tool” for incorporating subjective irregularities into seemingly “ordinary” communities. Unfortunately, this notion is prevailing in societies and countries based on positive law and seriously undermining natural rights of all persons. Meanwhile, artificial boundaries that diminish individualities first of all harm those with stereotypes. Inclusiveness is when each and every person, despite of the differences of identities, is considered a full member of a society enjoying the exact same rights and opportunities as other member of the society. Inclusiveness is when a child from a low-income family has the same opportunity to study as a child of a wealthy family; it’s when a child with no special educational needs studies with a disabled person and learns to be kind, supportive and helpful. Inclusiveness is when a person with special educational needs (SEN) regains his/her importance as a society member and tastes the opportunities of finding a niche in life. The greatest benefit of inclusiveness is a cohesive society that values the diverse identities of its members and develops into a community that is mature and mighty to make our world a better place to live.
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