Preparedness of Pre-service Teachers for Inclusive Education in the Solomon Islands

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Recent policy changes in the Pacific Islands have seen a strong emphasis on implementing inclusive education. Preparing teachers for this change in education will be essential if they are to have the knowledge, skills and understandings so that they can become inclusive practitioners. Pre-service teacher education will play a critical role in supporting this process. This paper considers the perceptions of preservice teachers undertaking the first year of the Diploma of Teaching in the one university in the Solomon Islands. This is the only university that prepares teachers to work across the entire archipelago. Data are collected pre and post participation in a course on inclusive education to identify its impact on pre-service teachers’ intentions, attitudes, concerns and teaching efficacy to teach in inclusive classrooms. Data are used to inform the proposed revision of the existing teacher education program to address education reform towards inclusive education.
Australian Journal of Teacher Education
Pre-service Teachers, inclusive education, Solomon Islands, Attitudes, Efficacy, teacher education, Intentions
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